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she called it wolf-2017Sept1I woke up late today. My dog was sitting on my chest, licking my face because my arm was covered by my blanket. I hear the ladies outside, drinking coffee and talking about their children and their lives.

I finally re-finished She Called It, Wolf. Because of the revision and changes, it is now using a new ASIN and ISBN. The digital version is on pre-order today here.

EJ Hunter book #1

When her uncle calls EJ back home to Felony Flats, a tiny reservation community in Nevada, she is unaware that werewolves and other werekin roam this desert.

Plus she is already in trouble for transforming into a werewolf and saving her teammates from an assassin. This soldier is coming home after early retirement to a world filled with werecats, supersoldiers, and wildfires.

Then she meets the Alpha, Sheriff Adam.

The idea for EJ Hunter happened when my late-hubby and I would ride around Northern Nevada. There was a little area that the police called Felony Flats because most people who lived there were convicts–mostly drugs. When I decided to write about my werewolves that lived in the desert in the back of beyond, I thought that this would be the place for my setting. It is strange that five years later I am now seeing stories like Midnight Texas that are in rural settings. When I did it, it wasn’t the norm for fantasy. Urban settings were all the rage.

It’s been three years since I lost my hubby to cancer. Several of those first books including Hilda’s Inn I bounced off of him. So most of the humor came from him.

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