2017 in Review


CC0 Public Domain LunaSeaArt

My goals last year were a little high. I managed to write 91,000 new words and finished 3 novels and one novella. My goals were 200,000 words and 4 novels. I learned one thing last year. I can write even though I am sick. I write better when I am recovering from two surgeries and a stay in the hospital for pneumonia.

The other thing I learned this year is that I must set high goals and reach for them. If I hadn’t set the goals I did, then I would have given up. In the process, I received some synchronicity this year. I found an editor who itched to get her hands on my manuscripts. I found readers who urged me on to write more. I am grateful for all of you as I look back on this impossible year.

This last month I went back through many of my stories that I had online. I have decided to revise and update my early books in between writing “Unlicensed Sorceress,” book three in the Hilda’s Inn series.

I tried to be more social last year. Plus I tried to save for some conventions. I would love to meet all of you in the same setting. Unfortunately I learned that being around people can send me to the hospital for an extended stay. The lessons I learned about my health this year were not subtle at all. It was like I kept ramming into a brick wall.

So I will keep meeting you online instead of in person. I am sad about that.

This year I decided to take another writing course online with Dean W. Smith. He has turned out to be one of the best instructors of creative writing. I have learned more from him in his online class setting than the four years I spent in getting an English Literature degree.

I will proclaim that the year 2017 was full of challenges and that I managed to survive them and to write.

So here are a few of my writing goals for the next year–

  1. Hilda’s Inn world– I’m 30,000 words into “Unlicensed Sorceress” as Hilda and her cohorts adventures.
  2. Xandra Peel — an ogre hybrid. This one I started right after the death of my late-hubby. I feel able to go back and finish it. This will turn out to be in Hilda’s world.
  3. EJ Hunter — I have a third book percolating.
  4. Percy Doyle – (sci-fi space opera) This is the same character from “Percy Doyle’s Traveling Space Market.” A black marketeer that belongs to a family of space merchants.
  5. I’m leaving this one open because I might be writing more short stories this year as well. You can find a bunch of my short stories on Amazon.

I will also keep track of my writing this year i.e. how many words I write. This kept me on the straight and narrow when I got lost in a plot twist or two.