A certain way of thinking

pexels-photo-235986.jpegThe tentative sunbeam slips through the blinds and entices me outside to watch  violet buds tremble on bare trees. At the very least, I should open the sliding window and sniff the cool air that had been filtered by yesterday’s breeze.

I resist the urge to flee and settle my every-enlarging behind into my office chair. It supports my back when it is adjusted just right. I lean back and feel it snap into my lower back. Another thing to distract me from the white page and gray lettering.

In a moment I will get up and check the dryer as another excuse to quit writing. If I stop for just a moment, like getting another cup of coffee, I might sit on my more comfortable rocker-recliner. I would sink into the faux brown leather with my dog cuddled on my lap. I would flip through the channels and would settle on a crime show or a judge show. It would be another excuse to stop.

My coffee is cold, but I still take another sip. It sits on my tongue and slides down my throat. If I let it sit too much longer in the cup, the brown sludge will be too thick for drinking. I look inside the white coffee mug. It’s almost gone.

The beam of light has moved to lie across the little black dog with oversized ears. She warbles in dog, telling me that she is tired of being curled up in her soft bed. She is waiting for me to quit writing so that we can stretch our legs and and she can sniff the other dogs’ wet messages in the grass.

If she were really impatient, she would sit at my feet and rub her white muzzle on my swinging bare foot.

Bang. Bang. Bang. The little black dog leaps from her bed. She braces all four of her legs and as loud as she can she tells the world there is some stranger at the door. She sounds much larger than her twelve pounds.

I jump from my seat, and open the front door.

A small cardboard box wrapped in brown tape sits innocuously there.


I’m practicing openings. 🙂  This time I used myself as a character. But I will be doing this more often.

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