Sneezing to the spring hits

P1000016The rippling sound of mating calls fill my morning walks as I carefully not look into the the trees in case some poor bird the size of my hand will consider me a threat and dive bomb me.

It has happened before.

When I was in Japan, there was this tall electrical pole next to the sidewalk. We would walk this sidewalk to the cafeteria. When I was in a group, the raven would ignore me. But when I was alone, walking that same cement sidewalk, the raven would make an ugly caw and if I looked up I would see this huge ugly sharp beak aiming for my head.

So I watch the birds covertly as they sidle up to each other and talk about having nests, eggs, and eventually fledglings.

I think yesterday was the day the trees decided to release little flying sponges into the sky. It was yesterday that my eyes watered and the tears rolled down my cheeks. My nose clogged and I had to cough several times to clear my throat. Then I began the sneezing. The last sneeze started from my toes and caused my stomach muscles to clench. So yesterday I kept clutching the side of my stomach because I had a sprained muscle that tightened across my ribs.

I really like spring. It’s fun to watch. I just don’t enjoy being a part of the participation. The air is clogged with the love potions of flowers, bushes, and trees. So I’m taking another allergy pill and hoping I have less reactions to the spring hits.

5 thoughts on “Sneezing to the spring hits

  1. Red wing blackbirds tend to have that trait for a few weeks while nesting. The male will be very defensive of territory if a pedestrian happens to walk too close to the nest.

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