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Since I am reading a lot lately, and decided to make Saturday a book review day. When I decide to review books, I get this flashback to second grade, which I almost failed, because I hated doing book reports. So that I wouldn’t fail, I spent the first week of my summer writing ten book reports. Yep, I only had to do ten book reports to pass the class. So that is how you can have a high IQ and still be almost held back.

Why didn’t I complete those book reports during the school year? That year I was reading the Oz series and other books that were on a high school level. I thought book reports were stupid so I refused to write them. I did write a list of books that I had read. When the teacher told me that I was lying, my need to buck authority was born.

She changed her tune when she finally got the book reports.

Anyway, enough about me and my book report phobia. This will be a book review, which is an entirely different beast.
dog with bone
I started reading “Dog with a Bone” a week ago, while I had the stomach virus. I was on my side with my kindle in my hands. I was looking for a good escape from the toilet god experience. If you have ever been sick, you know exactly what I mean.

It started out “burnt ozone tickled my nose” and I was hooked. The story is about Thierry a half-breed fairy who has magical powers derived from the runes on her hands. They never describe the runes. Sorry Norse enthusiasts so I am not sure if the cover is false advertising or not.

Her job is to hunt down and capture dangerous Fae who are slipping into the human world. At the same time she must keep her identity secret from the humans.

This book was a well-written wild ride. In this first book she is discovering her powers and her ancestry while trying to capture some dangerous creatures.

What was best about this book and the entire “Black Dog” series is that I escaped from my pain and sickness for a while. I’d say its worth the few hours of sitting in one place.

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