Be safe out there

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The last week we’ve had more over triple digit temperatures than under.

It’s been hot.

I’ve been huddled up in the apartment with my Foxy, around the air conditioner. I also have a hurricane fan in the hallway to blow that cool air to the living room.

My dog is black so she doesn’t do well in the heat. I have that fair skin that burns. So I know all about doing the wrong things in the desert heat.

So this is a reminder of the precautions you should take when you go out in the sun.

  1. Keep hydrated. This means water. Always carry some with you. In my case I am limited to a certain amount because of my kidneys. In this heat, the sweat dries before you notice it so you may be losing more than you think. I know that when I go from the heat into a cool area that I start to sweat.
  2. Keep those electrolytes balanced. Either make sure you have the proper chemicals in your diet or buy a drink with electrolytes. I have a little bottle so I can put drops in my water. Most of the drinks with electrolytes have too much sugar for me.
  3. Remember the sunscreen. You are in more immediate danger from heat exhaustion or heat stroke than skin cancer. Take care of the hydration situation first.
  4. Don’t forget to eat. I find it hard to eat much during mid-summer. Even though it is hot, the body still needs nutrients. In fact it is working hard to keep you cool
  5. Know the symptoms for heat exhaustion and heat stroke. If you are having heat stroke, get to the ER immediately.

Even though I know these things by heart because I grew up in the desert, I still forget to drink enough water or to make sure I am getting the right nutrients. So this is as much a reminder for me as it is for you.

Stay safe out there.

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