Playing Hooky – Incredibles 2

The_Incredibles_2So yesterday, I played hooky with a friend of mine who lives in my apartment complex. We had found out through other seniors that the Regal Theater had a senior Wednesday.

Now that I am on a fixed income, I am more interested in “senior discounts.” The thing is there are not set “senior age” for most of these discounts. Sometimes it is 55 and sometimes it is 62. So I called Fiesta Casino that housed the Regal theater near my home and asked.

To my surprised “50” was the age for the senior discount. Since I am few years north of fifty, I was all set.

So yesterday, we braved the musty smell and tinkling noise of the casino floor. The light was dimmed to a twilight setting, which is normal in those environments. Men and women in their twilight years were smoking and pulling the slot handles. We kept looking up at the signs and going the wrong way. We circled around and around. I swear that the casinos are built in a different dimension. No matter how blocky the casinos look on the outside, in the inside everything looks about the same.

I was glad that I found the Regal theater. We had to walk right through the entire casino to find it. I will admit that I was disoriented by that time.

At the theater, I expected to wait for the tickets. I mean, the tickets were four dollars a piece. I haven’t spent that amount in years. I think there were only ten people who came to this showing.

If it was just the casino… I wouldn’t come here again. The place assaulted all of my five senses. However, the movie— I was really glad I came.

Possible Plotpoints:

In Incredibles 2, super-heroes are illegal. The family get arrested when they try to save the city from a villain who was bombing and undermining the city. So this is the set up for the real story.

Even though the mother’s job is to show that super-heroes are more helpful and less destructive, my favorite plot twist was when she left the Mr. Incredible home to raise the three children– one of whom is a demon multi-talented child.

I seriously laughed through the entire movie. Dah-ling


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  1. Many, many years ago there was a bowling alley in one of the casinos in Atlantic City. It’s been so long that I do not know which casino, but I do remember walking into that area and, as a bowler since age 18 (I’m now 92) it was quite interesting to see that

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