Saturday Review – Howl’s Moving Castle

howl's movingWhen my life gets a little overloaded, I escape through reading. The last couple of days I have been dealing with my health and my dog’s health. I had to take her to the vet yesterday.

So during those times like yesterday, I pull out a favorite like this one: Howl’s Moving Castle. I may go back and watch the movie too. The reason I like the book over the movie is because the movie condenses the story and many of the details are lost. To be fair, I have watched the movie and enjoyed it too.

Sophie trims hats and talks to them. What she doesn’t know is that as she is talking to them she is putting magic into them. This brings her to the notice of one of the most wicked witches in the land.

She manages to clean a wizard’s house, talk to a fire demon, and learn a little magic. This is a classic coming of age story written by one of the foremost young adult authors, Diana Wynne Jones.

It is my comfort reading.

11 thoughts on “Saturday Review – Howl’s Moving Castle

  1. I love the movie! I’m so glad Studio Ghibli is the one who made it. The director, Hayao Miyazaki is a talented person. And I absolutely adore Joe Hisaishi’s music.
    Howl’s Moving Castle was literally my favourite during childhood. I’ve re-watched it 5 times! 😀
    I’ve just learned that it was originally a book. Oh I can’t wait to read it! Would you say the book is better?

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