I’ve been trying to use kintsugi– the Japanese art of repairing cracks– Good advice

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Yesterday was a very significant day for my husband.  It’s the birth date of his brother who died at 40 in 2000.

It is significant not because they were very close and best friends.  In fact, after a childhood and young years of conflict, they’d just started repairing their relationship; talking occasionally; being able to hang out or have dinner together without fighting.

That was probably the worst of it, because there are no words as bitter in the world as “it might have been.”

Dan wrote about it here.

I have friends going through other types of life transitions right now, some good, some not and I myself have been going through something I might some day be able to talk about in public (it does not involve family in any way, certainly not divorce.  But it involves other people even though it’s central to MY identity/life, so I…

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