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Lately I’ve been dreaming. The last one I remember is I was searching for an object that I had lost because I was careless. I took a dream psychology course once. My professor had us keep track of our dreams for extra credit. I was a good little drone and was willing to do it for an A. It was not easy opening my subconscious to his view.

I think this professor would have  told me that last night’s dream was a type of wish-fulfillment. I went to exotic locales and met interesting people just to ask for this lost object. Some were helpful while others turned me away. It felt as real as if I were in another world. I woke up exhausted.

I saw a glimpse of my late-hubby. So yea, he would have said wish-fulfillment dream.

The medications I take to keep my disease under control has diminished some of the abilities I once had at pattern recognition. Plus I have carefully sequestered myself from news and news outlets. I do stop to check the weather or to see what is happening in my community. When I watch them, I see doom in the future just because of what they say.

I have enough going on in my life that is hard to overcome. Besides the news hasn’t changed much in twenty years. There is more focus on horrible events and less focus on hopeful events.

I haven’t lost this ability to see immediate future of people around me. It doesn’t take a psychic or a researcher to know that if someone doesn’t walk, he will eventually get to the point where he can’t walk. If someone doesn’t take care of himself, he will get sick and die. It is a common thread of humankind. What I don’t get is that the person who is not caring for themselves is surprised when they get deathly ill.

In a larger sense, I see this with organizations. Take for instance social media. Does anyone remember the bigger social media account before Facebook? I’ve even forgotten the name. I know I left that site when I found it hard to find people to talk to instead of sexual predators. I’m embarrassed to even say I had an account.

Even organizations have a limit. I point to “Ma Bell.” In my early years, it was the only telephone communication network in the US. Now we can choose from several networks.

I am also seeing this with TV and streaming services. I left Netflix due to the programming and went to Hulu. Others will also vote with their money– or cyber coin. When an organization monopolizes, then I see that it is in the last years of its life. It may hang on for decades, but its end is assured.

The one thing I know about today is that we are in a tech revolution. It is hard and it is chaotic. We have more information at our fingertips then any other generation of people. We are overwhelmed by what we have and what we can do.

In my dream, I finally stopped looking for that object. Just as I began enjoying the wind feathering my cheek, the blue sky, and the sun against my skin, I woke up. I know what I need to stay focused. I need calm and a plan.

So I turn off the news.


4 thoughts on “Inside my head

  1. Good article, I get into some pretty strange territory in dreamland. I usually try to forget them since most have a slice of Steven King style weirdness. I have been avoiding the news more every year since the reporters have decided to be part of the news rather than reporting it. I don’t want to be told how I should think or feel, just show the facts and I am capable of forming my own opinions. 😀

  2. MySpace was the last one.

    I rarely remember dreams. Though as a photographer, occasionally I remember the sense in a dream of taking pictures, thinking to myself that this would go great in the photoblog, and then waking up to realize that whatever I was dreaming about is never going to get in the photoblog.

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