Tuesday Snippet – Hero of Corsindor – Chapter 3c

Hero of Corsindor 2018-2Hero of Corsindor – Chapter 3c

With this resolution foremost in his mind, he put the reins on the saddle horn, leaving the horse to wander. It was on as tight a leash as he was so he wasn’t worried that it would go the wrong direction. The hours he sat in the saddle, while his butt and thighs rubbed and ached, he tried to come up with an escape plan.

Every day he would reach a clearing with a note pinned to a tree. Every day he would have this compulsion to finish each task completely. Each night at sundown Rhali would appear, demand food, and then tie Silas to a tree. Then Rhali would disappear into the forest.

Each morning Silas broke the ropes, read the morning note, break camp and continue to Hunter’s Quarry. Every day Silas tried to find wiggle room around the instructions on the notes. Sometimes he would have a little time to scout the clearing before Silas appeared. Most of the time, he would lose himself in the tasks and wouldn’t remember completing the list.

Every day his will became weaker. He began to despair. Unless he could untie his soul from this demon, there was no hope for him.

Then one day he woke up with a rabbit’s heart clenched in his hand. The blood seeped through his fingers and there was blood smeared across his face. He woke up from the trance.

Across from him was a rock pile, probably the quarry that was his destination. The mule and horse were gone. He wasn’t sure what happened to them. He searched his mind. His heart beat faster and he sat in the dirt. He couldn’t remember.

He scrubbed the blood off with dirt then dragged himself to a small well. He pulled a bucket of water up, then washed his hands and face. Silas began to remember his name.

He didn’t know how long he had been here. He dry-heaved when he remembered the sacrifice part. There was a note waiting for him, but he didn’t look. He walked towards the rock pile. Some of the stones were cut precisely. Someone at sometime had used this quarry.

Before Rhali appeared, Silas read the note. He didn’t want the demon to know that he could break the spell, even for only a moment.


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