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The last few days have been quite stressful. It seems like little things upset me, but a lot of little things like I sent off for paws to put on my little dog’s feet. I specifically ordered small. I received the size for a large dog. Of course it wouldn’t fit. I didn’t try.

So I thought I’d recover by taking the item to the pet store. I had bought it on their website. Well, well, well. They won’t take back items that are sold on the website.

So I am out six dollars, time wasted, and I’m annoyed at that particular pet store. Now if this was one example of the last few days, I would just shake it off. No, it happened over and over. It happened when I tried to get a different cellphone plan , when I tried to use a certain bidding website, and when I tried to get medications.

Plus I spent hours in line and on the phone. The longer I waited– the higher the stress became.

Now you might say that I need to learn how to manage my stress. That no one has a stress-free day. Personally I think that is BS. If you’all will do your jobs, it would make my job easier.

Finally something went right yesterday after several hours on chat and the phone. I’m thanking all my online friends for sending jokes. It kept me from the brink. I’m hoping this is a turn-around.

On the other hand, I am practicing breathing meditation. It at least calmed me down a couple of points. I tried to supplant thoughts of anger to thoughts of calm. It does work.

Do you know the one major factor in my stress? It is the answering service phone trees where you talk to a robot voice for ten to fifteen minutes, trying to get to a customer service representative. Yea… you think it helps the bottom line. I’m telling you that it just makes customers find another company after they deal with you.

I do like customer service representatives who know their job and know how to fix my problems. It’s a bonus if they can make me happy enough to thank them. So real world here– If I am calling you, there is a problem and I am not happy.

So the last few days it was connection errors all around.


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  1. I hear you. I had an issue the other day, too. In treying to update the expiry date on me Credit card I accidentally paid to extend my domain name twice. Turns out the only way to correct that and get a refund is to cancel the domain name – obviously not an option. They are owned by ICAN and GoDaddy can’t do a thing about it. So they have my payment hostage. Grrrr. I know of NO business that has no process for correcting payment and billing errors. This is the first.

  2. I answer the “Campus Operator” phone in addition to the Police phone (and now that the Admin. Asst. has retired the Safety Office phone as well until someone new gets hired. They don’t seem to be in any hurry) and pretty much all the Dept. Office phone numbers listed go to one of those phone trees. So many people call back “I want to talk to somebody not just leave a message.” But unless they have the name of someone specific that I can look up, it’s a real PITA to find and then get ahold of someone in one of those offices.

    And my wife wonders why I don’t like talking on the phone at home.

    • Yep– I listen to all the options … (VA likes those phone trees) and I will hit one of them, hoping the operator can transfer me. Sometimes I even pick the right number. It is very frustrating.

  3. I had it some weeks ago trying to deal with the USPS about a parcel that was being delivered to me from the US. Their call waiting system is an abomination.

    Call waiting is irritating to begin with, but when you’re being told every thirty seconds, ‘your call is important to us, please stay on the line’, it becomes that much more obnoxious.

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