Sipping coffee on a Monday


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The squares in the screened window reveal deep blue sky that only the day before was dusted with the smoke from distant fires. The weatherman has been talking about high winds and possible clouds this afternoon.

Little Foxy is lying on a soft blue bed under the craft table. She leans her head over the cushiony side, watching my every move. She’s probably hoping that I’ll get up and we’ll take a walk in the sunshine that beckons from the window.

I didn’t drink enough water yesterday. I was too busy talking to friends and comparing notes of Panama and Japan. My brother brought a friend to our lunch. Her father had been in the military. Where I had been in Misawa, he had been in Okinawa. While I had be been in the Colon side of Panama, he had been in the Panama City side.

In color, the five of us are very diverse. In tribe we are of the same tribe. One of our member was very good at calculating velocity in the middle of the conversation about head injuries. I had to laugh. This was the same type of tribe that I follow on the internet.

I had been afraid that I would have to celebrate this birthday alone. I have done that before I was married. I have done it since. So it was a happy surprise when my brother invited me to lunch.

The best birthday present I received yesterday was to spend several hours eating and talking.

Even introverts need clan and kin. Yes, indeed.


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