The weather is changing

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The weather is changing.

I walk around the apartment complex every morning around 6 a.m. with my small black dog. The morning temperature for the last few months have been in the late 80s, just at the point where my skin prickles from the sun’s rays.

This morning I felt the cool air brush against my shoulders. It was closer to 78, the temperature I like in my apartment.

I opened the doors and let in the fresh air.

Yesterday, I could feel my serotonin levels drop. I wanted to do something, anything, but I couldn’t concentrate. It was too hot to go outside and watch the grass grow.

I was too restless and then too tired to even do my housecleaning. I do need to vacuum. The dust gets trapped in the carpet if I don’t do that household chore regularly. I felt a change in the air. Even when I laughed it was forced.

I finally googled about foods that lifted serotonin levels. The two main foods that kept coming up in my search were turkey and eggs. I finally fried up a couple of eggs and buttered some toast for dinner. That feeling that I had forgotten to do something or that I needed to do something was gone.

There is something in me that yearns to walk away from routine. It wants to follow the wind and the changing weather. It wants and doesn’t understand that this body gets tired  too easily. That this body has limitations.

My body feels a change coming. I’m not prepared.


2 thoughts on “The weather is changing

  1. It sounds like eggs were what you needed. Weather is starting to turn different here- the first of the fall colours are starting to show, though most of them won’t start for a month.

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