Blue dogs and pink rabbits

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Early this morning I woke up with a headache.

When I get one of these, it heralds a change in atmospheric pressure. In short my head is telling me that we are moving from fall into winter weather.

I could always predict the weather. I’m one of those lucky ones (I’m snarc’ing right now) who could smell rain or feel the changes in the air. I guess I have always been hypersensitive to the natural world. It can be good or bad. In my case as I got older with more physical problems, these warnings came as migraines.

Unless you’ve had a migraine where your head is pounding and your eyes are hurting from the light and you want to vomit everything in your stomach even the bile, I can’t explain what it feels like to have a full-blown migraine. The only relief is to lie quietly with a cold cloth over my head in full darkness.

I’d get one every big change in weather and sometimes during the allergy seasons. After talking about it and refusing botox and other medications that are used for migraines, my doctor had a bright idea. There were studies that showed that people who were susceptible to migraines might be low in B vitamins– particularly B-2.

So I started taking a B-2 vitamin every day. I can feel it when I forget. There is a headache that sits in the back of my brain. It feels like a caffeine headache.

So today, I should have a full-blown migraine because I can feel the atmosphere press against my head. Yes, I do have a headache– but I can function. I’m not wrung out from vomiting into the toilet. I’m not lying down with a cold cloth pressed to my head.

I think this is a little miracle.

3 thoughts on “Blue dogs and pink rabbits

  1. I am so glad you found some sort of relief. You left out screaming in pain (I was only eleven when I had them). Fortunately, an ostepathic doctor discovered I had a thyroid and prescribed iodine. Ugh! Vile. That was all they had then, but it worked. I still take Kelp tablets every day and the headaches are no more.

    • Glad they found your problem. B-2 gives me relief (and no screaming this time TG). Still when I get a headache it doesn’t feel good and I’m still slightly light sensitive.

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