The Lazy Crafter: Fabric Candy Canes

This year when I needed respite from writing, I started doing holiday ornaments for my tree. One of my friends introduced me to the hot glue gun, which is an essential for anyone who likes to make quick and easy crafts. I’m pointing at me when I write this.

You won’t find me with a fine paint brush, painting eyes on a small doll. You won’t even find me doing beadwork. I found out years ago that even though I am highly creative, my fine motor skills are not that good although I am good at cross-stitching.

fabric candy canesSo here is a quick tutorial on how to make one of these fabric candy canes. I warn you–it is easy.

1. Use a one inch strip of homespun fabric. You can cut it or rip it, depending if you want a primitive look or a more finished look.

2. Using a bit of hot glue, glue the fabric on the bottom of the candy cane.

3. Wind the fabric on the candy cane, using a bit of hot glue to anchor it.

4. You can decorate the candy cane– in this instance the crafter put ribbon, evergreen branches, and bells.

I keep my plain or I use jute twine. You can find red, green, and brown twine colors.

Now here is a tutorial with pictures on how someone else wrapped their candy canes.

I get my fabric at Joann’s or Ebay. I got the candy canes at the Dollar Tree. They are a dollar for six of them.

So now you know why my friend calls me the “lazy crafter.”

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