Wednesdays are for poets

Monkey mind and the last poem of April

The sun shone overhead
or should I say rays or shine
maybe the sun rose
above mountains or hills

the wind rustled the leaves
did it blow, or did it whip
is rustle even an action?

chickadees nested
these birds are probably
ready to throw out the little chicks
the chirps are insane
and feeding the empty gullets?

Spring had come
to our high desert home
since this is the last poem
do I need to add smells

the skunk family poked their noses
out holes in the fence
should aroma and skunk
be in the same sentence?

would readers really like
to smell roses instead?

Erase. Start over

By Cyn Bagley
30 April 2014

4 thoughts on “Wednesdays are for poets

  1. “Spring has sprung, the grass has “riz,” I wonder how the birdies is.” Pops into my brain from my childhood days. I know … not funny!

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