Sore throats and fevers

So the last two days I haven’t been getting to my minimum goal. I think after this post I may be able to crank out another five hundred words. I’m not sure how I picked up this cold. I wasn’t around any sick people. I did have to shop for dog food, so I may have passed near someone that was germy. I have been known to get sick from people just by being in the same air space.

Since the dog had pancreatitis last year, I have to be careful about what I feed her now. I go to PetSmart for specialty food. I used to feed her Royal Canine, but it has too much fat content for her stomach and liver. I am trying out a new brand and we’ll see how she does on it.

Yesterday I was able to pull out five hundred words and then I slept the rest of the day. When I have a fever, all of my muscles and joints hurt like hell. It’s one of the only things that make me stop and rest. Oh yes, and fatigue. I do get that after I push too hard and too long. As I get older, it is harder to refill my energy. I have to pick– if I wash clothes today, will I have enough energy to write?

Anyway, enough of my little problems. I am alive, I am writing, and I have a companion.

Since you miscreants have finished reading this post, this weekend, Saturday and Sunday, Living in the Desert, a collection of short stories is free.

Living in the desert collection ebook coverThis is a collection of short stories about living in the high-deserts of California, Utah, and Nevada. Stories include wildland fires, desert rescues, and a cougar attack.

Plus there is at least one alien encounter.




I’m a Flasher – #promotion #thursday

Imaflasher ebook coverI am a flasher, a fiction flasher.

When I think of flashing I remember when  a friend and I were in a small mall using pay phones. For those of you who don’t remember pay phones, there were usually four to six phones near the bathrooms. If you had enough quarters (the price had gone up from a dime to a quarter), you could call and talk to friends or family. The phones were always in use. We thought we were lucky when we found the phone area empty.

My friend and I were calling.  (no, cell phones hadn’t been invented yet,) when a man in a taupe coat, flashed us. Yes, he was standing there showing all of his private parts.

I was mortified. We got mall security, (yes, in the 80s there was mall security), but the flasher had left. The security guy walked us to our car. So yes, I am flashing my fiction today, but I won’t be flashing on street corners or by the bathrooms. That would be ewwwwwww.

So with no further fanfare, here is one of my flasher ebooks:

I’m a Flasher:

A collection of ten very very short shorts of the supernatural. The stories in this collection include “The Aliens are Here,” “Haunts at the Edge of Town,” “The Hunter,” “How to become a wizard,” “The Confession,” “A Choice,” “Under His Spell,” and “Road Trip.”



An excerpt:

Under His Spell

When Anne needed time alone, she would get into her car and drive. Sometimes she would drive to the store and assuage her yearnings with retail therapy. Other times she would drive to Tahoe, park on the side of the road, roll down the window, and watch the animals, birds, people, and lake. Once the yearnings subsided, she would start the car and drive back to the house.

At two thirty her children would rush through the door, excited about school. She would pull out some milk and cookies, and then set them up for homework. Mark would come home around dinner time. Anne would get ready for work. Mark would give her a quick kiss and she was gone.

If Anne had time to explain what she yearned for, she would probably say that she needed alone time. Or maybe she would say that life had her by the throat. She didn’t know what she wanted. It was some nebulous thing that didn’t include husband, children, or survival.

As she stood behind the counter, helping folks check-in, Anne didn’t have time to feel that empty hole. Not until she saw a black-haired young man with a diamond earring, his arm around a girl with spiked hair. They didn’t seem to notice anyone around them as he kissed her.

Anne sighed.

It was three a.m. when Anne walked back to her car to go home. To her surprise the black-haired young man was sitting on the hood. He smiled at her. His canines looked slightly longer than normal, but it was hard to tell in the darkness.

She ignored him until he grabbed her wrist when she tried to turn the lock in the door. Anne looked into his eyes. “What do you want?”

“I couldn’t help but notice you today,” he answered. He pulled her closer to him. She pulled back.

“Here’s your chance,” he said. “To dance with the devil.”

This time she let him pull her close. In seconds his canines snapped out and he was drinking from her neck. It was the most sexual thing she had felt in a long time. Her yearnings died as she let him drink.

A few hours later her body was found drained of blood and decapitated. All that was left was the mourning


A bunch of shorts

This is a pure promotion blog post today–

I have learned in the last decade that stories are like autumn leaves. You write them and let them go– to fall where they will. Most of them seem to settle on the ground where they are tread upon. Some have a flash of brilliance– As a writer, I have no idea what is good and what is not. I do know that when I write my shorts, I fall into another place where time doesn’t rule. So today, I thought that I’d put up about three of my collections that I enjoyed writing.

Living in the desert collection ebook coverLiving in the Desert: a collection of short stories about living in the high-deserts of California, Utah, and Nevada. There are stories of wildfires, and desert rescues, including a cougar attack. Also there is at least one alien encounter.

smoke & mirrors

Smoke & Mirrors: There is an underworld that normals do not see with their eyes. They have lost the terror and the wonder that they once knew as children. In this short story collection, there are eleven stories and one bonus story  of ghosts, goblins, ghouls, and other nasties that live in our world.

Read if you dare.

ghostly glimmers III ebookGhostly Glimmers III: A collection of five supernatural short stories fit for the Halloween season. This collection includes “The Ghost Horse,” “On the Mystery Train,” “Spare me a Dime,”The Birds Know,” and “The Thing Under the Bed.”

Haunted Books

  Five short stories with elements of horror, paranormal, and the supernatural. The stories included in this collection are “Haunted,” “In the Graveyard,” “A Restless Spirit,” “The Rage of Ghosts,” and “Seller of New Skins.”

Amazon Kindle 

Five more ghost stories in the style of Ghostly Glimmers. The stories included in this collection are “Death of a Friend,” “Loop in Time,” “The Body on the Lawn,” “At Twilight,” and “Confessions.”

Amazon Kindle

Both books have creepy and scary stories for Halloween. Happy scaring.