Wednesdays are for poets

A Las Vegas Autumn

even in the city center
Autumn shimmers
sapphire lake, evergreen trees
light and shadow

Nuts fall
young boys and girls chase –
an eternal game of tag

Cyn Bagley
Written 9/2010



Poetry – Autumn’s end

This little gem was written in November 2000 before my illness when I was in the middle of gaining an English Literature degree. I was living in Germany.

Autumn’s End

Amber stone hung low in the sky;
Demeter’s harvest moon.
A lone bird stirs in early dusk
‘Mid pale and pearly blues.

Frost’s fingers touch the cooling earth
As Ra descends—a western
Death. Night lingers long as winter’s breath
Breathes hard upon our necks.

By Cynthia E. Bagley
Published in Bibliophilos Vol. V No. 4, Fall/Winter 2001

If you would like to read more of my poems, here is a chapbook in kindle format Outside My Window.