I’ve been thinking

File Oct 09, 7 05 03 AM It’s always dangerous when my brain gears start clicking. I never know if what I come up with is good quality or not. Besides I’ve learned the term “GIGO” the hard way. Those who are not computer geeks, GIGO means garbage in garbage out.

I want to point out that after a long illness with medications that would curl your hair or make you lose it, I know that the brain is an organic computer.

When I say the meds do a number on my head, I mean that my logic chains get broken easily. The glitches get greater and greater until I am in a strange land of Cyn– which is filled with sharks and other water creatures. I don’t know why my brain conjures waterscapes when I am in the danger zone, but it does.

Can you imagine. I am swimming in deep waters, watching brightly colored fish and dolphins playing when “cue Jaws theme song” a huge water creature with sharp teeth  heads straight for me. The last time I was in deep waters, I saw an eye and then the beak of a huge turtle. I wondered if I had found Terry Pratchett’s turtle that swims in deep space.

Nevertheless I am marginally sane. I have a certificate to prove it. At least my last therapist was certain that sanity wise, I didn’t have anything to worry about. I do worry about certain things– my health, my dog, and promotion.

Yep I am a damn bad promoter. I had heard from a source that taking out ads on FB or other sites would up my exposure. Either I am really bad at writing ad copy or I am really bad at promoting because I saw “no sales.” I’ve tried other things which have just made me anxious.

When I am anxious, I don’t write. A sad truth.

fire2018 So today I am promoting a friend’s work instead.

I read the first book of Sam Schall’s (Amanda S. Green) a couple of years ago. The first book is about a warrior woman in jail for a crime she didn’t commit. This is the fourth book in the series. I would suggest reading the first book if you want to get the full emotional impact.

Schall’s writing is clear, descriptive, and the kind of story that grabs you and won’t let you go. It is in the sci-fi genre and probably more mil sci-fi in my humble opinion. I’ve read and enjoyed her work a lot.

So here is my two cents.

I’m back to writing on Hero of Corsindor. I want it to be finished and in the hands of my reader by the end of September.

Good reading.