The Lazy Crafter: Fabric Candy Canes

This year when I needed respite from writing, I started doing holiday ornaments for my tree. One of my friends introduced me to the hot glue gun, which is an essential for anyone who likes to make quick and easy crafts. I’m pointing at me when I write this.

You won’t find me with a fine paint brush, painting eyes on a small doll. You won’t even find me doing beadwork. I found out years ago that even though I am highly creative, my fine motor skills are not that good although I am good at cross-stitching.

fabric candy canesSo here is a quick tutorial on how to make one of these fabric candy canes. I warn you–it is easy.

1. Use a one inch strip of homespun fabric. You can cut it or rip it, depending if you want a primitive look or a more finished look.

2. Using a bit of hot glue, glue the fabric on the bottom of the candy cane.

3. Wind the fabric on the candy cane, using a bit of hot glue to anchor it.

4. You can decorate the candy cane– in this instance the crafter put ribbon, evergreen branches, and bells.

I keep my plain or I use jute twine. You can find red, green, and brown twine colors.

Now here is a tutorial with pictures on how someone else wrapped their candy canes.

I get my fabric at Joann’s or Ebay. I got the candy canes at the Dollar Tree. They are a dollar for six of them.

So now you know why my friend calls me the “lazy crafter.”


Early lights

close up photo of stringlights

Photo by Natasha Fernandez on

I know it is still November and it is time to prepare for Thanksgiving, but this year I want to see lights.

It has been over four years since I lost my late-hubby, Otto Tune, and for the first time in four years colors came back into my life. To be fair when a person goes through grief, depression is part of the process. In my case I couldn’t see colors. It was like the world was shades of gray.

Oh I saw color– I just didn’t see it, if you can make the distinction. That first six months to a year I would look at the birds and wonder why they still sang. The world had ended.

This year I have been noticing how the sun casts pink and orange across the clouds as it says good night. I’ve noticed the different greens in the trees, bushes, and grasses.

It was the same with music. For the first few years every song was a song of loss. Now every song wraps me in sound. I now know depression intimately.

I tend toward anxiety than to depression.

So this year I want lights. The apartment building where I live decided to paint the outside of our building. This has been a great inconvenience because my patio furniture (I gave that to myself as a present last year) had to stay in my house. I promised myself that as soon as painting was done and the patio furniture was outside, then I would set up my tree.

I found a cheap tree on Ebay. When I pulled it out of the box I was a little disappointed. It did look scraggly. When I pulled the branches apart– wire and pvc– I began to see a much fuller tree. So this dark green artificial tree is in the living room where the patio furniture had been.

Even though it is more than two weeks from Thanksgiving, I am going to cover the tree in lights. Each light is a wish and a prayer. I hope that this year will be brighter than the last. I hope that I can pay my bills. I hope even more that I can be happy and maybe experience joy.


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Past, Present, Future

We are jogging into the last few days before Christmas. I look outside my current bedroom window, and see my neighbor’s Christmas light. Across the street my other neighbor has blinking stars in the upstairs windows.

I enjoy the Christmas lights. I do notice that the neighbors turn off the lights after about an hour– I guess that means that the economy is still not as good as we hear on the news. I get sticker shock every time I pay my bills too.

A little secret – I don’t really celebrate Christmas. I don’t give presents or cards. I do listen to a little Christmas music and I will go to a Christmas Eve dinner, but by and large I haven’t celebrated Christmas since Panama.

My parents used to celebrate. They would have a tree cut on Thanksgiving. Then they would get it decorated in the next two or three days. The gifts would be piled up on the tree. My mother would sing Christmas carols for a business in town. On Christmas Eve we would gather around the baby grand piano and sing all the Christmas songs we could remember. There were a lot.

But, Christmas in my parents’ house always had a little drama. Either the house wasn’t clean enough or the dinner didn’t taste good enough. My mother would spend hours in her bedroom sulking. When it was time to perform, she was there in her Christmas best.

Writing Perchance to Dream todaySo for me I like having a quiet Christmas. My late-hubby and I would cook a ham and take a walk outside. We would look at our landlady’s decorations. She always had a cup of cider or chocolate for us.

He would joke about being the anti-Claus, who lived in the South pole and ate reindeer.

This is my first Christmas without him.