Last day for a free ebook

Hildaebookcover2015finishedIn honor of the 4th of JulyHilda’s Inn for Retired Heroes will be free from July 3-5.

In Delhaven, there is an Inn run by a retired mercenary. If you are a down-on-your-luck mercenary or men-at-arms, come to the public rooms and Hilda Brant, the owner, will give you a bowl of stew. If you want ale, hand over the coins. Hilda may give you floor space, but she expects you to pay in favors or coins.

The second book is Dragon Boy. 


A Flicker of Hope

The chapbook I put together last year “A Flicker of Hope: poems written by a Wegener’s Granulomatosis survivor” is now on Smashwords.

The chapbook was reviewed by some good friends who have also published small literary journals for poetry. Plus I received a review on Smashwords that was thoughtful and great:

A survivor of a chronic illness, Ms. Bagley invites the reader into the experience of pain, the deliverance of the afflicted person into hyperconsciousness, and the mind-body struggle for recovery. As the poet obviously has experienced in her remarkable life, her poems reflect the triumph of the human spirit.

Chantale Reve

It is free so take a look.