Sometimes I lose a day to maintenance

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Yesterday was interesting. I’ve been having some problems with Windows 10 since the last couple of updates.

The computer would freeze or do an immediate shutdown when I was in the middle of posting on facebook.

I had already done the suggestions from the Microsoft website which included check power (duh), and power saving. So after the computer, btw this one I am on right now, froze once and did two immediate shut downs, I knew I would have to check my computer before sending an irate email to Microsoft. I knew it was the program and not this now old ASUS. I’ve babied this computer for years by keeping it on an UPS power supply so that the brownouts and spikes on our power wouldn’t hurt the machine.

I first did a “chkdsk” except Windows 10 style. That is an old techie tool that will tell you if the hard drive is starting to degrade. If you have to repair too many “sectors” then it may be time to do a complete data download, assuming you haven’t kept backups. My disk reported “no errors.”

I have a checklist of programs that clean the disk, check and repair malware, and defrag. By the time I got to defrag, my entire day was gone, so no writing or checking the internet.

I did send an email to Microsoft to tell them that Windows 10 was now officially on my shitlist of worst processing programs. It is now on the same programming level as those earlier programs of Windows. If the program doesn’t work, I just have an expensive toaster littering my desk. I’m looking for a clean copy of Windows 7–

What I use this computer for is writing, publishing, and internet. I may have to completely take this one off the internet.

What’s remarkable is that I have used this computer continuously for over six years. I got it fully loaded and paid a mint because it was going to be my writing and publishing computer. It has done a fine job. I think if Microsoft would quit believing that this computer belongs to them because they let me use their software, then I would be a happy writer.

So to recap, my computer still runs well and the program is for crap. Defrag seems to be the only thing that fixes the Windows problems temporarily.