EJ Hunter Plot Twists and other dark matters

dark moon risingSo I am twenty thousand words into Dark Moon Rising and I hit a plot twist. In my mind it is a snag of swirling limbs, and I am not sure what kind of plot twist would be good.

Of course the hero must fail or at the very least send her on another path. In this second book, I am dealing with two heroes… or more, which is confusing in some ways, EJ who was my main character in “She Called It, Wolf” is following a secondary plot line.

The main plot line follows Mari and Owen who are searching for  the antagonist. Mari has already been attacked. If I remember correctly,  the secondary plot line echoes the first one. And yes, I am trying to work it out in my head. I repeat, Mari has already been attacked. So EJ needs to be attacked. But I think instead of being hurt physically, she will need to be abducted and lose her support system. In the first book she does better when she is doing her own thing.

Plus she is stifled when she has to rely on too many helpers. This will make Adam, her mate, very angry. And, he will follow her despite the impact to his pack.

Plus Mari needs to be led on a false trail. She is a tracker of the mind. A very powerful tracker. Her soon-to-be mate is also a tracker, but better with his nose. A werewolf.

So now I am seeing another few chapters. Thanks everyone… I was stumped.

Definitely this is how my mind works. If you’re mind works this way… give me a comment. I would love to talk to you… Also, it will make me feel like a little less insane.

BTW I will probably change the cover some– We’ll see. But that will happen when I am in edit mode and cover mode.