Repost from June 27, 2013: Wild Daffodil – a haiku

photo of yellow daffodil flower

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Here is an old poem I wrote when I was in Germany before 2003.

Wild Daffodil – a haiku

yellow daffodil
ringed by a fence
wild in a horse pen


Spring is early here

8a5d8-chickadee-2The birds sure think it is spring. I was sitting on my little porch, watching the birds, when I saw two Doves doing the dance and then one hopped on top of another. It was so raw and real that I had to go into the house to give them a little privacy.

Even the trees and bushes are sending out spores already. I walked down the sidewalk and crunch yellow phallic looking spores. So yes, I have some allergies this early spring. Don’t you?

The change from cold with fever to “hay fever” happened almost instantaneously. My voice still growled with both. I still coughed up sputum. But Monday, my doctor gave me a clean bill of health. There is no infection in my throat and ears, plus even better my lungs are clear.

I know that the rest of you are still dealing with the cold and snow. Come south west and play in the Las Vegas casinos. You’re welcome. I am sitting here in a short sleeves and watching the mercury rising to 67 at 8 a.m. If you wait until the weekend the temperature will drop to the 60s.

If we have an early spring, does this mean we’ll have a really hot summer? Probably. But let’s enjoy what we have right now. I can take the dog for a walk and not freeze my fingers and toes.

Oh yes, and don’t look into the trees. The birds are getting busy early this year.

As Cold as Ice

Overlooking Carson City, NV taken by Otto Tune 2014.

Overlooking Carson City, NV taken by Otto Tune 2014.

While I was cuddled with Foxy, the house chihuahua, I heard a bang, then another crash, and then the wind moaned and yelled outside.

After that huge announcement, the prince (hard and heavy rain) banged against the windows, roofs, and doors. I ignored the noise after the first peek outside the bedroom window, by watching some show about some disappearing woman. The dog had crawled under the covers during the height of the noise, and I could hear her whimper as she pushed against my knee.

This morning, the rug in my patio area was rolled up and the huge red and white ribbon on my door had blown to the ground. There were yellow leaves carpeted on my patio and the sidewalk.

Yes, there was ice. Three cars rolled over this morning on their drive to work. The morning news was full of pictures of two cars banging into a house and one rolled and landed on its roof. The front end was crunched. That car was not going to move again without help.

While the East is enjoying record highs, we just got hit with the first of our winter storms. There has been a little snow on the peaks, but not on the valley. I won’t be surprised if we have some this year.

So Happy Holiday Season. May you have joy… and not crashing this season.

Plus if the Prince of rain knocks on your doors and windows this year, don’t let him in.

Sorting Laundry

You can tell when I have been sick because the laundry piles overcome the closet and slide into the bedroom. I must be feeling better because I noticed that after a night of sweats, I was down to only a few shirts and sweatpants.

So the last three days I braved the 30 degree morning cold and threw a couple of batches of clothes into the apartment washing machines. I do want to give glorious commendations to my phone. I have a timer on it that tells me when the wash and the dryer is done. No, the washer doesn’t call me and tell me that laundry is done as in that one scene in “Two and a half Men,” although it would be a good idea.

I am still coughing and still have some mucous. I’m not as tired as I was two days ago, which means that I am ready to write again after I run a few errands. My fridge is only filled with crackers and soup. I’m also at the last can of dog food. A few months back Foxy had pancreatitis so I have to use a special dog food. Between the two of us, we are the disabled corps of Nevada.

I’ve been watching “True Detectives” first season because my brother recommended it. It has that Louisiana atmosphere of heavy swamps and voodoo feel to it. The music was good. Plus in many ways the way it is put together reminds me of “True Blood.” Unfortunately, my brother said that the other season didn’t drag him in, like the first season. I probably won’t spend the money to see the second. You see, my brother and I have similar tastes when it comes to the visual media. It might be because of mutual childhood experiences. Or not.

Since we are a little over ten years apart we are also in different generations. I remember the moon landing. He remembers “Doogie Howser.”

My doggy thinks I am not giving her enough attention. She is trying to jump into my lap. She scratches my leg as I try to write this rambling. So the rent needs to be paid, the clothes washed, the house cleaned, and the blankets that are full of virus and cold germs needs to be taken to a cleaner.

So my writings are mainly of the desert because I spent much of my young life and now older life there. It is different, much different than the swamps of Louisiana and the South. It still has its dangers that are real.

We can go insane here in the clear bright of the burning sun.

We are getting sun today

Today’s weather report is sunny with temperatures going up to 70 degrees. It means that I can get a little sun-soaking in so that I can get those winter/spring/rain/snow blues out of the way. Although I should keep in mind that we can get snow as late as July if the weather patterns are still askew. (My sympathies going out to the South and Ohio Valley for the constant storms and tornadoes.)

In our apartment complex the landlady’s chihuahua, Gordita, likes to sit on the small bridge in her small yard and sun herself. She is pretty round and big for chihuahua. But her smile is a thing of wonder.

A warning. She is very territorial so don’t go into her porch or yard. She has taken small bites out of people who ignored the signs. Seriously I think she is smarter than some of the people living in the complex. Anyway, I have known Gordita since the landlady (actually manager) brought her home as a tiny pup. I am in the group of people she likes.

I enjoy watching the dogs here. They say a lot about their owners. There is one owner here who is off his rocker. The poor dog is so confused by his master, that he is now off his rocker too. Two other dogs live in a second floor small apartment. They sit on the balcony and bark at the children going to school. The balcony faces another building, so the dogs can get a good booming bark, which upsets the neighbors. I find it amusing because the owner is another barker that has a booming voice and doesn’t quit talking.

The new dog park has become quite a success. It has singlehandedly socialized the entire dog community. The dogs are so happy about going to a place where they can be off-leash and run that they drag their owners to the dog park. I even heard someone complain about how they are not getting time to walk because the dog didn’t want to walk around the complex. It wanted to run in the dog park.

I would call that a success.

Street Theater

Twice a week
police cars park
in the horseshoe
summoned by the family
in the corner apartment

Police write a report
from each party
then drive away
no one arrested this time

the summoner
lanky gray hair
down her back
raiser of her grandchildren
her son on parole
knows the system

the law-abiding
have no recourse
for in the eyes of the law
all have sinned

Published in Outside my Window in 2013.

To a Sparrow

Green metal table
under a sign
houses sparrows
waiting to dine.

Little fat sparrow under the tree,
little fat sparrow, a crumb from me.

I sat on a table
a muffin in hand,
tossing blueberries
to each of the band.

Little fat sparrow under the tree,
little fat sparrow, a crumb from me.

I see a plump cat
licking his chops,
grooming his feet,
and watching them hop.

Little fat sparrow under the tree,
little fat sparrow, a crumb from me.

Watch for the cat.
Fight for the crumbs.
Raise little chicks—
one by one.

Published in Inside Out: A Gathering of Poets in October 2004.