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she called it wolf-2017Sept1I woke up late today. My dog was sitting on my chest, licking my face because my arm was covered by my blanket. I hear the ladies outside, drinking coffee and talking about their children and their lives.

I finally re-finished She Called It, Wolf. Because of the revision and changes, it is now using a new ASIN and ISBN. The digital version is on pre-order today here.

EJ Hunter book #1

When her uncle calls EJ back home to Felony Flats, a tiny reservation community in Nevada, she is unaware that werewolves and other werekin roam this desert.

Plus she is already in trouble for transforming into a werewolf and saving her teammates from an assassin. This soldier is coming home after early retirement to a world filled with werecats, supersoldiers, and wildfires.

Then she meets the Alpha, Sheriff Adam.

The idea for EJ Hunter happened when my late-hubby and I would ride around Northern Nevada. There was a little area that the police called Felony Flats because most people who lived there were convicts–mostly drugs. When I decided to write about my werewolves that lived in the desert in the back of beyond, I thought that this would be the place for my setting. It is strange that five years later I am now seeing stories like Midnight Texas that are in rural settings. When I did it, it wasn’t the norm for fantasy. Urban settings were all the rage.

It’s been three years since I lost my hubby to cancer. Several of those first books including Hilda’s Inn I bounced off of him. So most of the humor came from him.


Newsletter and Mailing Lists

I have noticed a change in the Amazon algorithm lately. The last few years I haven’t needed to market because I put all of my published works on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited exclusively. Then this month became interesting. My kindle unlimited reads and my digital sales were non-existent.  When I talked to other independent authors, they were having the same outcome.

Also when I looked for my favorite writers, they weren’t being recommended anymore by Amazon. Writers that I haven’t read in ages were being pushed at me. I had to search for my writers to get their books. So I suspect someone has been diddling with their algorithm again.

Again marketing is not one of my strengths. However, I will have to put a little time and energy into that side of the business. In the changing world of publishing it is hard to know what works. I’ve used ads and received no hits at all. I’ve talked to others who get good results from ads.

So I decided to do a more personal approach–an email newsletter. I know that works on me. I get a newsletter about every month or two from JR Rain. I’ve been reading his books since 2010. His newsletters point me to his newest books.

If you’d like to get my newsletter, then sign up. I will be putting in my newest published works and any freebies that I have for the month.

If this works well, I may also put in a link to the books I am reading too.

“Thanks for all the fish.” Douglas Adams

Another couple of tales from Joe at the GKTC

Friends, readers, gentle alien beings–

I finally finished two stories in the GKTC (Green Knight Terraforming Company) world with Joe and Donald with a new friend, Ms. Frigg, that has Joe off-balance.

I dedicate these two stories to my late hubby, Otto Tune, who would have done many of the same things Joe does, but in the end always fixes the problem.

On the business side I am playing with preorder with Amazon. If you liked Joe before in the first story, then you’ll enjoy him again.


Release Date: September 15, 2015

Late Payment and If You Should Choose This Mission

“Most customers are extremely satisfied with the job The Green Knight Terraforming Company does to refurbish their planets. However, when there is a problem and a customer complains, then the human Joe called Tiny by his team is the person who is sent to solve the customer’s problems. Joe’s backup muscle, Donald, is there for those tiny problems like when Joe touches before he looks.

Joe, Donald, the lab animals, and pilot drones are a rollicking bunch of troubleshooters. One hundred percent guaranteed to fix any customer problem or if that doesn’t work– fix the customer.

Here are two new short stories in the Green Knight Terraforming Company universe.”


Two days into Camp Nano

So I started “Dark Moon Rising” a couple years ago after I finished “She Called It, Wolf.” I am doing some editing towards grounding the characters into their surroundings by using the five senses. It was an obvious tip I received from one of my classes with Dean W. Smith. If you want some good grounding in writing stories. He is the best for that type of instruction.

I noticed as I was editing the first 9,000 words that I like to use “he knew, she realized”, and other filler words. Also, I was talking to another writer who easily writes 85 to 100 thousand words. I don’t have that much in me for stories. My stories are 500 to 30,000 words (shorts and novellas). When I stretch to 50 or 60 thousand words, I find it hard. I know I shouldn’t have a problem if I use the try/fail cycle (another DWS tip). Plus as I am looking at the storyline, I am better now than when I first wrote the first story. Yeah! It is good to see some progress.

Now if I can write well enough for readers. I am improving. I hope to be a better writer before I die.

A Flicker of Hope

The chapbook I put together last year “A Flicker of Hope: poems written by a Wegener’s Granulomatosis survivor” is now on Smashwords.

The chapbook was reviewed by some good friends who have also published small literary journals for poetry. Plus I received a review on Smashwords that was thoughtful and great:

A survivor of a chronic illness, Ms. Bagley invites the reader into the experience of pain, the deliverance of the afflicted person into hyperconsciousness, and the mind-body struggle for recovery. As the poet obviously has experienced in her remarkable life, her poems reflect the triumph of the human spirit.

Chantale Reve

It is free so take a look.

Erika T. Red

I just finished publishing Erika T. Red on Smashwords as an ebook. You can find me as Cyn Bagley.

Self-publishing is becoming more acceptable since Amazon, Borders, and other booksellers have started the ebook revolution. I first became interested in this type of publishing when I began to read J.R. Rain. He just finished a collaborated ebook with Piers Anthony. I have always liked Piers books so I was impressed that JR Rain had the opportunity to write with him. Plus Rain has self-published all of his books so far.

I have to admit that my CW could still use an editor’s touch, but I have done the very best job I could while taking chemo. I am uploading another book to smashwords called Shira and then I will continue to finish my book Conjure man.

Since I can see them in digital print, I have more energy to complete my writings.

Thanks Smashwords. You are the greatest.