State of the Writer

Hero of Corsindor 2018-2The last week I have been making edits. I have to thank Doris Mace for looking through my manuscript. Many years ago she used to do this for a living. Nowadays she does it for me because she really enjoys reading my work. I’m pretty grateful.

I have to admit that when I am in the heat of the story, I lose things like prepositions. My adverbs love to wander through the verbs willy-nilly. Also since I grew up in the rural West, my “to be” verbs get turned around. Even after earning a English Literature degree, I still wonder if I should have used was or were.

However, I am proud to say that “Hero of Corsindor” is now on Amazon for pre-orders. It will be released on January 4, 2019. This gives me time to re-look at the formatting for the paperback. I should interject that I had to change my word processing program for novel formatting. I was burned out for two days afterward. At this point, I don’t think Word is the program I want to stick with on novel formatting. I used to use Indesign. I love that program, but I don’t love the monthly subscription.

Anyway, in the next couple of months, I’ll put together a release party. If any one here would like to do a release of this book on their blog, please contact me at cynbagley @

unlicensed sorceress 2017This is the project that I am working on now. It is the third book in the Hilda Inn’s series. Hilda is in Koenigstadt and finds out that she is not allowed, by pain of imprisonment, to practice magic without being trained at the University. No one is interested in her problems with Lord Barton except a group of youngsters. These youngsters will one day rule.

If you remember Hilda doesn’t know how to read, which is not so bad if you are a mercenary, but is really bad if you are a mage. Plus she is older and has the aches that come from overusing your body at a young age.

I’m at 35,000 words so far and hope to have this written by the end of December, “god willing and the creek don’t rise.” Or in my case, barring any cold, flu, or pneumonia taking me down.


Relief and chugging along

action cold dark dawn

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It was a huge relief yesterday when the nephrologist decided that I had gotten a slight bit better and was firmly in Stage IV kidney disease.

If I slide into Stage V then it is time for dialysis. So I dodged the dialysis train again.

It looks like it was dehydration that got me this summer. When I started to drink more, my kidneys started to work better again. It was a dry summer. I do have a limit on how much liquid I can take in because of the insufficient kidney function. So we learned, both the doctor and I, that I need more water when it is very hot and very dry.

On my writing, I finished “Hero of Corsindor” and it is now at the beta readers. Once I get it back and do edits, I will start the publishing part of the book. For now I am going over what I have already written on “Unlicensed Sorceress.” After my writing session with Dean W. Smith (he does writing classes on line for any writer who wants to write great fiction), I realized that I was shorting the descriptions of places and people.

So everything I wrote on “Unlicensed Sorceress” needs some more description, better words, etc. etc. I’ve got a goal to write every day. Sometimes when there is a day like yesterday, I am too tired to do it. I’ve learned that driving to an appointment (30 to 45 minutes), then listening to the doctor can wear me out faster than when I work at home.

Plus the relief– I was a rag doll by the time I got home yesterday.

So I am back to writing, listening to music, cleaning my house, and cuddling the dog.

State of the Writer

IMG_0708So yea, I’ve been having a year of procrastination. A lot has to do with my health and medications. A few months ago my doctors thought it would be a good idea to try out medications for cholesterol and gout. It didn’t end well. It also didn’t help my writing brain.

Today I want to make an accounting and let you know what I have on my writing plate. No excuses.

Since January, I decided to take down “Shira: Hero of Corsindor,” and do an edit. What happened is that the edit turned into a complete rewrite. I’m almost halfway through with this project. I actually printed out the entire thing. I changed the name to Hero of Corsindor. Yes, the one in the Tuesday Snippet. I am working on this one daily and my deadline for the rewrite is September 30, 2018.

Also in January, I took a course with Dean W. Smith called “Depth in Writing.” It actually turned my writing upside down. Whenever I take one of his courses, I feel like my skin is being ripped off and it takes me a few weeks to get that thick skin back. I’ve taken four of his courses now and I have come out a better writer each time. I would like to be more prolific.

These are the projects that are in orbit, waiting to land:

  1. Xandra Peel – a story of a hybrid ogre-human who survives both people and Fae in a post-apocalyptic world.
  2. Unlicensed Sorceress – third book in the Hilda’s Inn world. Hilda has proven she has elemental powers and gets training in a highly political environment.
  3. I’m not dead, yet – non-fiction memoir of the last ten years of surviving WG/GPA, thyroid cancer, and Stage IV kidney disease
  4. The third book in the EJ Hunter world – I don’t know why but this one wants to percolate in my subconscious. The captured boy in the first book wants a voice.

There is a few more on my list, but I am not listing them here. I want to finish these first.

In my short story offerings, I am writing more “Green Knight Terraforming Company” stories. I am going to write more shorts as warm-ups.

One things I have learned is that saying I am going to do something, and actually doing it are two different things. So my next goal is to write every day, even if it is only a sentence or two.

I have no excuse. Even if I find myself on a dialysis machine, I can write during those two or more hours.

I was asked recently if I could see a future. I answered, no. There are too many health variables in my life. I do know two things: I want to finish what I write, and I want to care for my dog. At this time– that has to be enough.

Raise a glass of cheer


CC0 Public Domain  Pixabay LunaSeaArt

Even with two to three appointments weekly, I have been able to finish a book that has been in the works for a year. Last year I had made a goal to write four books. I wanted to publish all four in the same year, but I got sidetracked.

But, this is no time for excuses. It is a time to be happy that once again, I have been able to finish a novel and despite my illness, I have been able to write coherently. So today I am celebrating the finish.

There will be other goal posts and other finishes. I started on the third book in the Hilda’s Inn series. I have one book in edit for EJ Hunter, plus I am re-editing She Called It, Wolf. Also there is third in that series that came to me in a dream. So I keep writing.

I counted the novels I have finished since 2010–seven novels and approximately eight novellas and short stories. It’s been an interesting run. I can see the difference in my writing from the first one “Shira, Hero of Corsindor” to the present one “Dragon Boy.” I am sure that I could stretch more in my writing skills as I continue.

So where do I get my ideas? I don’t know. I just look in a direction and try to understand the character. Then I try to write the motivations and actions to the best of my ability. I have taken writing classes. Dean W. Rusch actually gave me the most practical instructions in how to make my writing more real.

I sincerely hope that reading will stay. That imagination will never go out of style.

* * *

Here is my spiel for Dragon Boy:

dragonboy2016So who or what is Davi Dracson?

If you’re down on your luck, come to Hilda’s Inn for a game of dice and cheap ale. The hundred-year-stew has been stewing for a hundred years and the fire never burns out.

Except Hilda’s Inn is under new management, and Hilda is on the run with Davi, a dragonling. There will be dwarfs, ogres, dragons, and magical trinkets between Delhaven and Koenigstadt, the king’s city.

Don’t forget that the woods are not a safe place–the Draugr is lurking and
hungry. And, he has a taste for magic.


How am I doing?

So last week derailed me somewhat. I didn’t do enough writing and every time I sat down on the chair, I suddenly had the need for lunch or for coffee. Also, I had this urge to walk the dog. I think that thought was being telepathically transmitted by Foxy. She loves her walks.

My goals for this week are in this order– run around Las Vegas and reach all of my appointments on time. Pick up a package and then spend a couple of days fixing errors in Dragon Boy.

Afterwards formatting and then publishing this book.

I am sure that I will have some time to write new words in between getting this book out.

In my other series, EJ Hunter, I have the second book written, but not edited. Also the third book in the series came to me in a meditation. So I know that I won’t be dropping that series. I won’t compare myself to another writer, but I realized yesterday that I am not writing enough.

When I am on a hot streak, I need to write until it is finished. When I am on a cold streak I need to write. I am a much happier person when I write.

I am a little behind in my goals. I’ve also been hit with things like jury duty– if I was in better health I wouldn’t be worried about it. But it is very strange that I have been called during flu season when my immune system is suppressed. I tried to talk to them about it, but I have to get a “doctor’s note.” They made me feel like an elementary child who lied all the time.

Thank you all for caring about the characters and caring about my health. Since the move, I have been healthier and I’ve been writing more.

So it is that time of year

I just drove a wooden stake in the heart of 2016. I hope this is not a pattern. 2014 was a very bad year for me. 2016 started out great in the writing arena and then I started to have problems around July. It wasn’t until last week that I was able to get the editing done on “Dragon Boy” and send it out.

I’m hoping that 2017 (odd year) will be my year for writing, editing, and publishing. So here are my plans for the next year:

Writing goals–

  1. 5,000 words a week minimum. I found out last year that I need at least one day a week to have a no writing day.
  2. Publish 2 novels minimum, but I really want to reach 4. I found last year that if there are significant problems i.e. a car accident or illness that four novels is not realistic for me.
  3. Write two-three posts here a week to show what I am doing and to keep me on track.

Health goals–

  1. I have something on the 3rd of January that will keep me out of the loop for at least two days.
  2. Take my pills on time. I will have to change my alarm again because it is so easy to ignore it. I have to take a certain amount of pills three times a day.
  3. Don’t short-change the dog on her walks or her me-time. I need the walks as much as she does.
  4. Plus I need to take a fitness class for once a week to keep me moving.

I learned something very important this year. I need face-to-face time with people other than myself. I need friends. Funny that I would admit that– I have lived in a very isolated bubble for years. Part of it was my temperament– I really do live in my head. Part of it was my disease. When the health professionals give you guidelines about what you can do and where you can go because you get sick easily, it does curtail activities.

It is similar to when I learned that even though I am in a salt-restricted diet, I need a certain amount of sodium or my muscles will cramp and stay locked.

So I have people I see during the week and they all know that if they are sick, I cannot help them. It is too big a risk. It doesn’t mean I am an inconsiderate jerk. It means I have a chronic illness.

Something else I learned is that asking for help does not mean you are weak. It was a painful lesson that I get to learn over and over.

On the other hand, my health has been stable. Foxy is still healthy even though she is prone to pancreatitis attacks.

With all my goals, I do wish for a healthy and happy year ahead for all of us.

Monday, Monday Blues

First, I was in so much shock about Terry Pratchett’s death that I didn’t write a post to say how much I will miss his writings. I hope DEATH gave him the grand tour before sending him off to his paradise. Goodby Terry and good luck.

Now for Monday. My excuses for not writing has been connected to my medical and to Foxy’s medical. Foxy, my lovely black chihuahua mix, is at the doctor’s to get her teeth cleaned. She is also getting some bloodwork and a vaccine. Of course I am as nervous as if she was my own child. She is the creature who has pulled me along through some severe sadness due to the death of my husband. Of course my mind is going over what can happen to an eleven pound dog under anesthesia. Yep, I can picture myself in detail morning over her dead body. Sometimes a creative imagination is a curse.

For my health, I just got a call from the VA hospital. I now have an ENT who can resolve the cyst in my left sinus. I started a nasal rinse program a couple of days ago. It has helped with my sleep patterns. For several months, I have been waking up in the middle of the night gasping. I also show low-level infection in my blood. I might actually sleep properly again if we can resolve my sinus problems. Since I started the nasal rinses, I have slept like a log and haven’t gotten up in the night.

For my thyroid, I am still wondering how to get an endocrinologist for that problem. The doctors that my primary doctor wants me to see do not take my insurance. I have given her lists of some doctors, but it seems like I am not getting any satisfaction with that route. I might have to get my own doctor. Part of my problem is that once I do something, I expect the other side to do their part without nagging. Sadly, my expectations in this area have not been met.

Plus I need an endocrinologist who works with thyroid and NOT diabetes. This narrows the doctors who can see me.

My rheumatologist has made sure that I get my labs monthly, an X-ray, and now a CT scan. My nephrologist is happy that my kidneys are stable. She ordered an ultra-sound. I am waiting for the official results. (My disease has been centered around the kidneys).

My fatigue hits me about three in the afternoon every day and I sleep an hour or two. Foxy keeps me on my feet– and we walk about two times a day. So I do get some exercise.

As for writing, my muse is either sick or has left me high and dry. When I do write, it is less than 500 words. I will have to go back and add in more to make the writing less dry.

When I can’t write, I cross-stitch. I will have my raven cross-stitch, more like a tapestry, finished this week. When I do, I will put a picture up here. This particular cross-stitch has taken two years to complete. So I continue to create when I am not writing.

In April I will make an attempt to write daily for a Camp Nano project depending on what happens with my sinuses.

This is the State of this Writer, six months after the death of her husband.


Update: Just got a call from the Vet hospital. Foxy is losing five teeth today because they are loose. She will be on pain pills and antibiotics for awhile. Plus soft food. She is doing fine with the anesthetic and I will be picking her up this afternoon.