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My appointment went well yesterday. A little uptick with my creatinine levels for the kidneys, but since it is in the abnormal range for me, we aren’t too worried. Since I suspected that I had gout earlier this year, my doctor added a lab for uric acid. So far, so good. Back to your regular programming.

This particular ebook novella (about 10,000 words) was written about one of the characters from She Called It, Wolf. This is the story of Tina who is one of the ladies that helps EJ to adjust to living in Felony Flats and how she meets John.

When I was writing this particular novella, and since Tina and John were devoted in the first novel of the series, I felt that Tina had a secret. In this novella, not only do the two of them meet. John is a mechanic and Tina is a copier repair technician, but Tina’s secret is revealed.

As always, any mistakes in story and grammar are due to trying to think through chemo.

Description: John, a mechanic, meets Tina when she arrives at the shop to fix the copier machine in the office. For the first time in years, John is fascinated with this woman. There is something different about her that appeals to his werewolf heart. But Tina has secrets and when her son is kidnapped, John calls on the pack to rescue her son.


Chapter One

When John Harwood saw the small feet in the black work boots, he slid out from under the old rusty Ford pickup truck. Lying on the mechanic’s dolly, he looked up at long legs encased in work pants, his eyes followed a polo shirt neatly tucked into a trim waistline, and then lingered on her face. Her soft skin was darkened by the summer Reno sun. Her dark hair was layered around her face, showcasing startling violet eyes.

“Sir,” she said, her voice sharpened as she looked at him. “Where is the office? I have been wandering around this bay for fifteen minutes and I haven’t been able to find it.”

He had the sudden urge to lift the pickup and show off his muscles in front of this woman. Instead he stood up, wiped the grease off his hands and answered. “I’ll show you.

He could smell her instant attraction as he walked in front after after picking up her toolbox. She had made a slight sound and then let him carry her tools.

John was not a SNAG (sensitive new age guy), but he was a werewolf. Plus he had a sensitive nose. He grinned at the messages her body was sending him. He was only a few inches taller than she was, but he was built strong like a brick wall. He had a thick neck, large chest, and muscular arms. He worked hard and played hard. It showed in his confidence and power.

If he hadn’t smelled her attraction, he might not have noticed that she glanced at him under her eyelashes. So when he opened the door for her, he smiled at her, a wide-open smile that showed his appreciation. He could see a slight blush in her cheeks.