Wednesdays are for poets

A Las Vegas Autumn

even in the city center
Autumn shimmers
sapphire lake, evergreen trees
light and shadow

Nuts fall
young boys and girls chase –
an eternal game of tag

Cyn Bagley
Written 9/2010



Wednesdays are for poets

The Gypsy

A patchwork skirt whirls
‘round bare ankles;
bold, flirtatious
eyes lined with kohl.
One shoulder slips from a
yellow peasant blouse as
bright-red lips purse—
a perfect kiss.
A red sash emphasizes
her tiny waist. She turns.
Her skirt spreads out
displaying calves, knees, thighs.
Looking my way, she winks,
then glides down the street.
I watch as boys, men, and grey-tops
ensnared, follow her—

trying to touch the golden
bangles on her wrist.

By Cyn Bagley

This poem was dedicated to Dr. Atkins, English professor at UMUC European Division, in 1997.